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ScharkSpark is a toy drone company with the abilities of independent research, development, design, and production. The company takes easy operation, novel design and safety as priority in drone design and production.


1. At the end of 2017, we developed the technique of Optical Flow Positioning which greatly increases the drone’s flying stability.

2. At the same time, we designed the Handheld Gravity-Sensing Remote Controller which enhances novices’ flying experience.

3. In 2018, we aim to achieve the application of Face Recognition and Following Mode to our toy drone.

4. Meanwhile, we will update our toy drone with Dual Platform and GPS Positioning to accomplish the true One Key Return rather than one key landing.


Optical Flow Positioning and Handheld Gravity-Sensing Remote Controller have been applied to a new drone FQ31 which would be released into market at the 2nd Quarter of 2018.


1. At the 3rd Quarter of 2017, we released the first Detachable Drone (FQ20). All parts of the drone are detachable. A real DIY practice.

2. At the 4th Quarter of 2017, we released Paintable Flying Egg Drone (FQ28) especially for users under 14.

3. At the 2nd Quarter of 2018, we will release a new soccer drone with the theme of Russian World Cup. It's still under design now.


1. For the sake of safety, all drones are equipped with Blades Block Protection and Motor Heat Protection to avoid burning caused by electrical idling.

2. All ScharkSpark drones and batteries get relative security certificate, such as CE,EN71,CPSIA,FCC,ROHS, MSDS,UN38.3, etc. Material. It's our goal to make drones with more affordable price, easier operation and smarter appearance, to make consumers experience the performance and fun of professional drones. Besides, we will develop more drones for kids under 14 and provide those young fliers easier and safer flying experience. There are many brands in toy drone market, like SYMA, Holy Stone, DBPOWER, DROCON, etc. And there is the comparison between